About Our Company


For pet owners, there is nothing more important than the health and happiness of your pet. Pets are considered a member of the family in most cases. When it comes to cat and dog boarding and related services, it is important to have the best dog kennel possible.

Our pet hotel provides all the dog care services that you and your pet could want, like pet grooming and exercise. All of our employees are well-trained and have grown to become the best in the business; the best part is, they love your pets as much as you do!

We emphasize safety and comfort at our cat and dog day care facilities. We know how important your pet is to you, and we will take your pet's needs seriously.

Just as you wouldn’t leave your son or daughter alone with a stranger, you also shouldn’t leave your pet with a stranger. So if you are looking for great dog care, contact us at Paradise Luxury Dog Resort in Palm Bay, FL.


Why Choose Us

  • Great Dog Care
  • Dog and Puppy Training
  • Grooming Services


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